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Case Study 1

Brand name national food and beverage company saves over $125,000, increasing net profits by $63,000 within the first year of implementing WellCall's unique proprietary cost saving WellQuit program.

A popular national food and beverage company was losing tens of thousands of dollars annually due to the high cost of medical claims related to smoking. WellCall analysis revealed that their employees who smoke have more medical claims and are absent 33%-50% more often due to smoking-related medical conditions.

WellCall quickly and effectively implemented our proprietary WellQuit program. Within days, participants enrolled in the program.

WellCall successfully enrolled over 200 people within the first year. More than half of the participants were successful at quitting smoking. The company reported to us that each person who quit smoking saved them $1,100 annually. They calculated that using just one of the WellCall programs provided a 300% return on investment. In addition they also benefited from fewer people missing work.