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Case Study 2

A company we recently worked with reported savings of over $1,500 annually per obese employee. We achieved a 96% success rate implementing WellCall's proprietary WellWeight program.

For companies, one of the fastest growing and most expensive preventable conditions is obesity. Besides massive increases in health claims, obese employees have twice as many absentee days annually compared with those whose weight is within normal limits.

WellCall implemented one of its most popular programs, our proprietary WellWeight program. WellWeight is one of the country's most effective weight-loss programs because it addresses the root causes of weight problems and provides solutions that last a lifetime.

Over 96% of participants reported progress with their weight loss by following the WellWeight program. Over 60% of the participants reached at least 50% of their goal after six months. This one program alone increased profits for this company through decreased medical claims for obesity-related medical conditions. In addition, employees were grateful to the senior executives for providing a benefit that helped them look and feel better.