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Case Study 3

Employer reports feeling an increased confidence by proactively managing health care costs through WellCall's proprietary WellScreen early detection program.

A medium-sized Northeast insurance company watched for years as they continued to see double digit increases in health care costs due to increases in their employees' medical claims.

We recommended they implement WellCall's proprietary WellScreen early detection program. WellScreen is designed to legally screen your employees to assess their health, educate them about their risk factors and give them incentives to adopt healthy habits before they ever experience an expensive medical condition. It also allows for employers to have WellCall (and, when appropriate, their disease management provider) reach out to their highest risk employees to offer them the help they need to reduce their risk of chronic and terminal conditions.

Over 70% of the company's employees called WellCall for assistance at least once and 62% called twice. The WellScreen program resulted in 85% of employees reporting they maintained healthy behaviors, or improved their healthy behaviors after participating in the program. Not only did the company save money, they helped save lives.