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If you want to learn how you can save money on healthcare costs while keeping your employees healthier and happier, please contact us here.


WellCall lets you provide the services and programs that complement your offerings and keep you and your clients connected.

We've successfully partnered with companies in the following industries: Health Plans, PEOs, EAPs, Disease Management companies, TPAs, Work-Life companies, Health Clubs, Consumer-Driven Plans, brokers and consultants, and other healthy living organizations.

With our creative solutions, implementation is fast, programs are affordable and available in a variety of formats. We'll customize a solution that best fits your needs and differentiates you from your competition.

Our programs are designed to improve your success by offering maximum value to your clients at minimum cost to you.

The quality and breadth of our programs means with WellCall, you may increase your number of new clients, offer your existing clients more value or retain your clients even longer.

  • Our partners benefit by extending their offerings to include a comprehensive wellness package.
  • We work behind the scenes to make you successful, providing expert implementation and follow-through.