Wellness Solutions

"Adult smokers cost
employers $1,897 in
lost productivity and
approximately $2,000 in
excess medical expenses
(total $3,897)."

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The WellCall Advantage

A Healthy Change

Imagine your organization having healthier employees with reduced absenteeism and greater productivity. Imagine your organization significantly decreasing its healthcare costs. Imagine your organization embracing a culture of wellness. Since 1997, we have helped thousands of organizations make these healthy changes a reality.

At WellCall, we provide employees and their families with the tools, support, and direction they need to stop smoking, lose weight, improve nutrition, exercise, have a healthy pregnancy, manage chronic illness, and reduce stress levels. Our programs reverse the trend of runaway healthcare costs and provide benefits that come from a healthier, happier workforce. That’s the power of wellness. That’s the power of WellCall.

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